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How you can help outside of providing care?

The needs are great and the rewards are greater, not just for foster parents, but for anyone who can lend a helping hand. There are many different ways you can help support foster care and adoption, including:

  • Donate funds
  • Become a licensed foster/adoptive parent
  • Donate new children’s clothing, baby needs, toys, or school supplies
  • Invite a foster/adoption recruiter to speak/host an educational meeting at your community group, faith-based organization or business
  • Provide a job for a foster youth
  • Become a volunteer driver
  • Provide child care during support groups and recognition events
  • Volunteer to assist with administrative tasks (folding and stuffing for mailings, etc.)
  • Volunteer to hang posters, distribute fliers in the community
  • Send home flyers with youth and families
  • Assist with recognition events for foster/adoptive parents
  • Help with recognition events for foster/adoptive parents
  • Become a caring adult for a foster youth
  • Wear a blue ribbon to draw attention to foster/adoptive care
  • Encourage business leaders to support young people in foster care
  • Tutor or mentor a child in foster care
  • Continue to learn about foster/adoptive care to gain a better understanding and stay informed
  • Invite us to make presentations to your faith-based congregation, civic group, PTA or other organization
  • Ask your school, employer, church or organization to run an ad or article on foster/adoptive care

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