Antelope Valley Child, Youth & Family Services (AVCYFS) believes that children gain a sense of self respect by exposing and experiencing through guidance, motivation, reasoning, truth, and pride, which fosters knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them.


"Touching the lives of children and families one by one"

Antelope Valley Child, Youth & Family Services



·        was founded to reach out and serve, as best as it is able, “at risk” children and families irrespective of their race, gender, financial status or religion.

·        is committed to training these children to become complete and productive members of society by restoring their whole being and helping families to become healthy and functional units.

·        believes that restoring the whole being involves the nurturing and growing of both, child and family, and includes restoration of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

·        respects and reveres the uniqueness of each person and the special nature and gifts with which each person is endowed.

·        acknowledges the existence of a Creator through which the restoration and healing of a person’s life can be fully realized.

·        is committed to making available the teachings of Christian principles on a voluntary basis while respecting the religious background of each individual child.

·        will continue to hold true to its foundational beliefs, as evidenced by the programs that it offers, to meet the needs of those they are dedicated to serve.